Change Diapers and Win Rewards Points with Pampers? Aren’t You Lucky?!

Pampers Rewards makes it easy to donate to charity

By Eric Cohen September 9, 2017

As a dad, I’ve been working hard on setting the best example I can for my kids, working hard, being a good husband and the like. And one of the keys to a positive outlook framing things as “I get to”, versus “I have to”.

Recently a buddy of mine was recently bemoaning all the diapers he had to change. The stinky mess, etc. As we chatted over a beer I explained, “Dude! You GET TO change diapers! You have an awesome son, great wife and you are around and engaged enough to raise your son. You are sooo lucky…you get to change diapers!” 

A few weeks later he told me that talk changed his whole attitude and how he almost (emphasis on almost) looked forward to changing his son’s diapers now, and at least he no longer thought of it as a chore. And it’s this reminder of how fortunate we are that has me excited about our sponsor, Pampers’ rewards program and new app that rewards parents for using diapers. Particularly the fact that you can use your rewards to help others through charities like The March of Dimes, Every Child Succeeds, and the Graham Foundation.

The average baby will use something like 3,200 diapers a year! The points earned from each one of those diapers can go to a great cause. And it’s even easier to earn gifts and savings for you, your baby, or those in need, with their new Pampers Rewards app. If you download the app now you’ll receive 100 bonus points, even if you were already a user but had never used the app! The new app allows you to scan your product codes and keeps track of your points. Once enough points are earned, you can easily redeem them right from the app. 
Download the app and get scanning now: Just for downloading the app you’ll get 100 welcome points and 50 points on your first code scan.

Just another way to add “I get to” each time you change a diaper…as in I get to earn points and help another family.