Back to School 2017

Tips, tricks and printables!

By Julie Petty August 26, 2017

Back to School

End of August means last trips to the beach, cooler nights, and BACK TO SCHOOL! I tend to leave everything until the last weekend, which is now! So here’s my guide to getting back to school.

First and foremost, start getting into your routine as quickly as possible. We will be waking up over the weekend just to be prepared! Have your routines ready for before school and after school so the kids know what is expected of them.

Gather everything. Check your schools website or check this webpage and search to see if you need anything specific for your child’s class. If not, some basics items your child may need is a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, pencil, and folder. Also, gather any paperwork the school needs plus summer assignments or reading log.

On the night before have your child set out their outfit for the day and pack up their back pack. It also may be helpful to pack up lunches the night before. And charge your phone or camera! Whether you share those “first day” photos or not, you may still want to snap a few before they head off to school.

Then get a good night sleep because for the next nine months it’s going to be go, go, GO! Homework, sports, activities, school events, meetings, holidays, sleepovers, PTO, work, exams, flu season, disinfecting, and the endless game of “mommy where is my (fill in the blank)”.

The morning of the first day, it may be helpful to get up a little earlier than normal. Have your coffee, make sure everyone has a good breakfast, snap some photos, and head out to either the bus stop or school drop off line. Give your crew extra time for bus, get out there just a little early and be prepared to wait a little longer as everyone adjusts to the schedule. Also allow more time at the drop off line as kids are saying goodbye. For some kids, it’s their very first day of school so they have the jitters about either getting on the bus or saying goodbye. So a little patience goes a long way from those seasoned professionals!

Then it’s routines from there forward. You’ve got this!

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